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1.5mm Aluminum Based Copper Clad Laminate CCL Sheet Cu15 1.0W/m.K 1*1.2M For LED PCB Board Insulated Metal Substrates

  • Product Item : ACL1015R10-BF
  • Category: Aluminum Based CCL
  • Thickness (mm) : 1.0 mm
  • Copper Foil Thickness (um) : 15/18/25/35 um
  • TC-W/(m·K) : 1W/(m·K)
  • Sheet Size(mm) : 1200*1000 mm
  • Product description:1.0mm Thickness Aluminum Based Copper Clad Laminate Sheet (CCL) Copper foil thickness 15/18/25/35 Optional Thermal conductivity coefficient 1W/(m·K) Sheet Size 1200*1000 mm For LED PCB Board
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Product Introduction

Aluminum based copper clad laminate used for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) electronic material, mainly used in electronic devices that require efficient heat dissipation. It is composed of aluminum plate, high thermal conductivity insulation layer, and copper foil.

Aluminum based copper clad panels are mainly used in LED lighting, chemical, automotive, mechanical manufacturing, shipbuilding, and aviation fields, which have high requirements for material heat dissipation performance and mechanical strength.

The aluminum based copper clad plate produced by Chaowei has various characteristics, including:

1. Good thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, and fast heat dissipation

2. High hardness, strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and not easily deformed

3. Shielding performance, blocking electrical interference, and protecting the normal operation of sensitive components in the circuit

Product Parameters

Product Code


Product Brand


Certification Type


Product Name

Aluminum based copper clad laminate

Product Size (mm)


Insulation layer material


Total thickness (mm)


physical total thickness (mm)


Copper foil thickness (um) Optional

15/18/25/35 um

Thermal conductivity coefficient W/(m·K)


With or Y/N Blue Film


Product Test Report

Test Item

Testing Basis

Test Value

Peel Strength

GJB 1651-1993 / SJ 20780-2000

AVG 1.04 N/mm

Surface Resistivity

GJB 1651-1993 / SJ 20780-2000


Volume Resistivity

GJB 1651-1993 / SJ 20780-2000


Breakdown Voltage

GJB 1651-1993 / SJ 20780-2000

Min:4.9 kV

Thermal Shock

GB/T 4722-1992 / SJ 20780-2000

No layering or bubbling phenomenon occurred

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient

ASTM D 5470-17

0.81 W/m.K

Thermal ResistanceKꞏc/W

ASTM D 5470-17

1.34 K.c/W

Dielectric Constant & Dielectric Loss Factor (1 MHz)

GJB 1651-1993 / SJ 20780-2000


Glass Transition Temperature & Curing Factor



Application Area

Main applications:

1. LED lighting

2. Communication equipment

3. Aerospace field

4. Automotive electronic modules

Factory advantages

1. Production experience: Chaowei Co., Ltd. has over 10 years of production experience since its establishment.

2. Quality System: The product has a complete quality process management system from raw materials to aluminum based copper clad plates, including pressure resistance testing, oxidation resistance testing, heating testing, density and impurity testing, energy testing, and other systems.

3. Collaboration experience: Collaborated with many large and small and medium-sized enterprises, including TCL, FCL, BULL, HUAYI, Midea, MUSENLIN, NVC and other companies and brands.




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